Today I’m having a slow and calm morning. The clock has already stretched to 1:30PM, so it’s technically mid day, but it feels a lot like morning still – I’m still in my one piece snuggle suit. Next to me is my owl cup, Evie, filled with hot broth. My second one for the day.

Yesterday I was dead beat, my whole body hurt. I have a cold that has really broken out, and today is unfortunately not any better. What makes it even worse is that I was supposed to visit my sister today, (which I was really looking forward to), but as I’m not in shape (at all), we postponed. Hopefully I’ll see her next weekend!

Today isn’t all bad, though, as my mom and I have 6 episodes of Masterchef Australia saved up! All those episodes are exactly what I need on a day like this and I wouldn’t ask for more. (Except for, maybe, some ice cream and a less runny nose).

I feel so sorry for myself when I’m sick, it’s stupid, so I’m about to head for bed for a nap. I know this wasn’t much of a post, but I wanted to do an update so it wouldn’t be all bare on here, and to give an explanation as to why there might not be a post for the next couple of days. *Crossing my fingers for a quick recovery*.

x Almond


  1. iiih, svarer deg her jeg! Må ha tenkt på wordpress samtidig vi ja, men jeg får det ikke til 😰 Har sittet i flere timer og prøve å finne ut av design, menyer og allslags, funnet videoer på youtube som skal forklare meg jeg får det ikke til å se ut sånn som jeg vil… Din blogg ser SÅ fin ut, forstår ikke hvordan du har fått det til 🙈 Såå, til jeg finner ut av ting så finner du meg på nouw 😂


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